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Your All-in-one member area builder for your individual and scalable online consulting. 

More sales and success with the right tools, all in one place.

More sales due to scalable and individual consulting
More visibility to your target audience
Easy-to-use Web-App for you and your customers
Live Video Calls with integrated payment function
Work where and whenever you want
Website Builder & Member Area

What can I do with Truedo?

  • Create interactive mentoring
  • Unlimited video hosting
  • Customizable courses
  • Chapters, Lessons, Library and Snippets
  • Plan appointments and conduct live video calls
  • Success-oriented mentoring and funnel templates
  • Create offers, up- and cross-sales
  • Process payments
  • Build forms
  • Automations: conditions, loops, notification
  • Collaborate on documents
  • Up-to-date analysis and email marketing connections
  • Personal live support
  • We love making your business successful
  • and much more

The Truedo Creator changes everything

Our page builder can do exactly what you need, no more and no less. Pages created with Truedo Creator look exactly as they appear in the editor. 

Truedo Creator provides you with responsive templates which really work. Design logic and color management are well-balanced. 

Dark mode, custom domains and an integrated members' area, including integrated push and live video call system raise the expectations you can have from a page builder enormously.

 You have to try it yourself to understand how well Truedo Creator works. You really don't need anything else! Translated with (free version)

Create websites with integrated live video calls

We have always been bothered by the fact that all all-in-one providers leave one thing out: Live video calls on demand. 

Previously, coaches had to wait for a weekly call with their mentor to ask questions. With Truedo, your client can request live video calls whenever he or she wants, and get answers right away. 

You have the option to bill each live video call individually. Screen sharing and group video calls are also standard features of Truedo.

Pay individual 

You have the possibility to create individual offers and include your paywall exactly when and where you think it is necessary: automated and individual. The payout is immediate and commission-free (except for payment provider fees).

Multimedia and Google Docs

Truedo is fully integrated with Google Docs. Work together with your client on customized learning content. The learning contents are retrievable in the order in which they were created. As a result, your customers get their individual, and to their needs tailored, consulting.

Questions and Feedback

With our questions and feedback system, you can easily create automated or semi-automated learning processes that modify your content in a predefined chronology. This way you can create learning content which your customer has to work through on their own, before they can move on. 

You can attach conditions to all offers, questions, and feedback elements, allowing you to customize each element. Configuring it is as easy as pie.

Customer emails in your design

With the Truedo Creator you can visually design essential elements of your customers' emails. So emails to your customers have your brands overall recognition factor.

Become part of the revolution

Test Truedo 14 days free of charge. No obligation, no binding. 

Use the Truedo Platform and you can easily consult online.

Four simple steps to set up your online consulting business


Step 1 
Register now for free

Step 2 
Create your individual online consultation with or without a template, including landing page.


Step 3 
Get traffic to your landing page and get customers.

Step 4 
Consult your customers and generate revenue.

Become part of the revolution

Test Truedo 14 days free of charge. No obligation, no binding. 

Revolutionize the market

Lots of people feel that individual consulting and scalability don't go well together. Truedo proves otherwise. Truedo is your all-in-one tool to easily sell your knowledge online. With Truedo you create your individual and personal online consulting together with your customer with just a few clicks. 

Truedo is suitable for any niche. You can create automated courses together with your customers and / or lead interactive live sessions in no time. In the past, you needed many tools for just one course. 

With Truedo this is finally a thing of the past, because Truedo is the only platform that really combines all tools.

Individual and scalable: Snippets!

Any who is counselling will find that very often clients questions are repetitive. It can take a lot of time to have to answer the same questions over and over again. Truedo offers all coaches and counselors the perfect solution: Snippets! 

With Truedo, every coach has the possibility to prepare detached lessons which perfectly address the problems of his or her clients. The predefined snippets can be inserted by the coach exactly when the participant needs the information in the mentoring. In this way, each client receives optimal advice and the mentor saves a lot of time and can comfortably scale his business.

Only create content which your client need

You have the possibility to create static content and / or individually address your client with additional content during the consultation.

We have managed to simplify the requirements of modern online marketers to such an extent that anyone with a good idea and a vision can build a business online.

What satisfied customers have built with Truedo

truedo businesscoaching
truedo businesscoaching
truedo businesscoaching
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truedo businesscoaching
Screenshot 2022-02-14 at 18.06.01.png
truedo businesscoaching
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What our customers say

"Truedo should be the first choice for every course creator. With this tool, the course creator has full control over the learning success of the participant. With Truedo, the coach can always check whether the participant is ready for the next lesson. This also helps to minimise unnecessary support efforts. I know of no tool that is better suited for course creators. Truedo sets completely new standards and is a win-win situation for course creators and course participants. I can highly recommend Truedo."

Luzia Schucan

"Truedo is the only platform that comes into question for me to offer my online clients coaching that is much higher in quality than 1:1 offline coaching, because the client also benefits from my support between the live video call coaching sessions. Those who do their coaching through Truedo can immediately get into high-price coaching because the quality is simply right. My clients are thrilled with the simple user interface and Truedo as an all-in-one tool."

Stéphanie Lüders

Become part of the revolution

Test Truedo 14 days free of charge. No obligation, no binding. 

Who's behind Truedo?









Which niches is Truedo particularly well suited for?

Pretty much for every one. Every industry that benefits from optimised communication will be able to increase its sales by using Truedo. Truedo comfortably maps everything within a browser app that a person needs who wants to be present online with their knowledge and is looking for a way to run their business even in an automated way. You don't even need a domain, because Truedo is also your web hoster. Then our team will support you in building your web presence with our unique Truedo logic!

For who is Truedo particularly suitable?

Truedo's system allows for a healthy scaling in which the share of automated processes (passive income) can be determined down to the smallest detail. You can define exactly how much time you devote to your client and what percentage of the overall process is handled automatically. Accordingly, you can charge more for your talent if you devote more of your real time to your client or student.

How can I individualise content for my customers?

Truedo provides a variety of different tools that cover the complete needs of any online counsellor, teacher or coach within our construction kit, which we call Truedo Creator.

How exactly does the payment process work?

Truedo currently uses the Paypal as payment provider. You can create a free account and link it to your Truedo account. You don't need any external tools to accept payments.

Do I have to invest a lot of time as a consultant to be able to work with Truedo?

That is up to you. The more personalised you are, the higher quality your learning content will be and the more you can charge for your service.

What distinguishes a course created with Truedo from a conventional video course?

The student can communicate live and interactively with the coach. The mentor achieves the student's success through the Truedo system.

Become part of the revolution

Test Truedo 14 days free of charge. No obligation, no binding.