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On this page, we will help you in a straightforward manner. You can either proactively study the instructions yourself or contact us personally via our support mentoring "Truedo Now".

We recommend the following links:

Truedo Know-How:
Here's what you need to attract as many customers as possible.

Truedo Basis-Wissen:
Hier erfährst du, auf welchen Wegen du in Truedo deinen Kunden Inhalte liefern kannst.

Truedo Support:
How to add a top-level domain.

To the Truedo Creator manual

We have written a very detailed guide for you that describes in detailed, logical steps what you need to do to immediately build your complete online presence.

Get live support now

We offer to go through the instructions with you and along the way design your new online presence and explain the basic functions live. If you are already a Truedo customer, you can also receive support this way.

Create new mentoring
Want to see for yourself how Truedo Creator works? We are very proud of our intuitive interface. If you are already familiar with internet technology, you may find it very easy to use.

What can I do with Truedo?

  • Schedule appointments
  • Make live video calls
  • Screen share
  • Create offers
  • Process payments
  • Create interactive mentoring
  • Build forms
  • Set conditions
  • Collaborate on documents
  • Create websites
  • Web-Hosting including Support